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The Space Diamond

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral which is found in Meteorites; also known as the shooting stars! Though natural moissanite is too rare and minute to be used practically, it is synthesised in laboratories to produce fine jewellery gemstones. Moissanite is one of the most brilliant stones & holds exceptional fire, even more than diamond, ruby, sapphire & emerald!

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I bought a Moissanite Ring & I love it. The quality is amazing & better with the diamond.


I wanted to gift a diamond bracelet to my mother and found this moissanite brand. My mom loved the quality of the stone & wears the gifted bracelet everywhere!


Amazing Quality of silver jewellery. Moissanite diamond is superb.


Love the ring. The certification & packaging are all amazing.


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Moissanite is not mined but is curated in the labs with precision and advanced technology.


We are committed to crafting exquisite jewellery, designed to endure a lifetime. With each gemstone & jewellery item, we offer a certificate of authenticity for a worry-free shopping experience.

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