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The Space Diamond

The Space Diamond

The birth of this celestial diamond traces way back in the past. A magical cosmic play of the universe introduced this remarkable jewel to humankind.

1500 years ago, a meteoric wonder crash-landed on the Earth’s surface & formed a deep & mysterious crater. On exploring the crater's depths, minute pieces of a jewel were found hidden in the lap of the pit.

Further, these jewels were found to be the most magnificent jewels in the universe. But despite their beauty, these jewels were so rare and minute that they were disregarded.

But as they say “What is now proven was once only imagined”..

With great finesse and artistry, Anemoii breathes life into this exceptional gemstone, bestowing upon it a timeless radiance.

Synthesised with Anemoii’s Savoir-faire, the Space Diamond is not only a show of beauty but also a testament to the superior science behind the jewel.

The pioneers of working with Moissanite, Anemoii opens up the magical windows of coveted creations to you.

A fragment of space, a jewel of unrivalled beauty, crafted especially for you to proudly adorn!

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