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What is Moissanite?

What is Moissanite?

Forget the "diamond alternative" label – moissanite is a dazzling gemstone in its own right! Capturing hearts with its rainbow flashes and fiery brilliance, moissanite boasts a unique story and properties that set it apart. Just like an emerald or sapphire wouldn't be called a diamond, moissanite is a distinct beauty, and beneath its dazzling surface lies a unique story, a chemical composition unlike any other. Buckle up, treasure hunters, because we're about to unravel the fascinating origin of this celestial gem!

So what in the Stardust is Moissanite?

In 1893, a French chemist named Henri Moissan was on a mission to unlock the secrets of a meteorite from Arizona. While analyzing the space rock, he stumbled upon some glittering crystals unlike anything found on Earth. Initially mistaken for diamonds, these turned out to be an entirely new discovery – a mineral formed from silicon carbide. Thus, moissanite was born, named after its discoverer.

The Stardust Connection

So, how did moissanite end up in a meteorite? Scientists theorize it formed in stellar explosions billions of years ago. Intense heat and pressure fused elements, creating silicon carbide – the building block of moissanite – which scattered through space as stardust. Eventually, some of this stardust landed within meteorites!

Rarity on Earth, Abundance in Brilliance

Adding to its mystique, natural moissanite is incredibly scarce on our planet. While diamonds can be found in multiple locations, natural moissanite is extremely scarce. Thankfully, modern science has unlocked the secrets of replicating this cosmic wonder in labs. Today—because of its rarity— most moissanite is lab-grown, making it a more ethical and sustainable choice for the eco-conscious gem enthusiast. This eco-conscious creation process ensures minimal environmental impact and easily traceable sources, free from unethical labour practices. This process takes two to three months for the creation of a single gem. On top of that, during the lab-creation process, specialists examine each stone to determine where its natural cuts lie and use special cutting techniques to enhance its unique fire.

But moissanite's magic goes far beyond its rarity. This gemstone boasts an unmatched brilliance, outshining even diamonds with its incredible fire and play of colour.  Imagine a prism catching starlight – that's the mesmerizing effect moissanite has. 

Moissanite comes in three colour grades: colourless (D-F), near-colourless (G-I), and faint hues of colour (J-K). Additionally, this gemstone is incredibly durable allowing for a wide range of cuts while also making it perfect for everyday wear in any jewelry setting. This versatility allows jewellery designers to create breathtaking pieces that cater to every taste.  This translates into a dazzling array of moissanite engagement rings and other breathtaking jewellery pieces, waiting for you to discover a piece of stardust to treasure forever. 

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